Classes of Mental Illnesses


A great thing about recent times is that the stigma around mental health is receding. If you or someone around you requires professional attention, seeking mental health services in jacksonville, fl is a must.

It is important to understand what kind of mental health condition you might have. The different classes of common mental illnesses are discussed below.

Mood disorders

Mood disorders include a variety of illnesses such as bipolar disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and major depressive disorder. People with mood disorders find it impossible to be in control of their extreme emotions of happiness, sadness, or anger.

Anxiety disorders

People with anxiety disorders are stuck in a state of feeling anxious. People who have anxiety do not have control over what they worry about or how much they worry about things. Disorders such as phobias, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders come under this category.

Trauma-related disorders

Disorders such as PTSD and acute stress disorder come under this category. They are triggered by the difficulty to cope with a stressful event in the patient’s life. They are characterized by hallucinations, insomnia, and other psychosomatic symptoms.

Eating disorders

Excessive monitoring of food intake or the ability to either eat too much or eat nothing at all come under the category of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating disorders are part of this category.

Dissociative disorders

These disorders characterize the feeling of a lost sense of self. They include schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and other such delusional disorders.

Neurodevelopmental disorders

These disorders usually stem from issues that disrupt the neurodevelopmental development in infancy or childhood. ADHD, learning disorders, and autism spectrum disorder are included in this category.

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The field of psychology is vast, and there are many more disorders that require discussion. However, these are the most commonly diagnosed classes of mental disorders. Seek professional help if you feel distressed or dysfunctional due to your mental health.