Ridding Your Property of Mosquitoes


Have you noticed that your property is suddenly filled with mosquitoes, and having a backyard party seems next to impossible? Professional mosquito control services can offer mosquito treatment in Gray that can help you rid your space of these insects in the long-run.

You can also take a few steps in your space to prevent the breeding and growth of mosquitoes again. With the right natural remedies, you can prolong the services that a pest control agency has offered you. Here is what you can do on your own.

mosquito treatment in Gray

Bank on Plants

You will be delighted to know that mosquitoes tend to avoid a few varieties of plants and shrubs. These include catnip, citrosa, feverfew, lemon thyme, and rosemary. There are some areas that attract more traffic than others. These include the walkways and porch.

You can plant these varieties either in window boxes or using little pots. You will soon find mosquitoes staying away from these areas. You can keep mosquitoes away and enjoy cultivating the plants at the same time.

Essential Oils for Mosquito Control

Essential oils are used for various applications and even in aromatherapy. They can be an excellent addition to your mosquito treatment routine. There are oils such as citronella, camphor, and peppermint that can be used to keep mosquitoes away.

What if you want to add a further layer of protection? Yes, you can apply essential oils to your skin to keep mosquitoes away from you. These can include eucalyptus and lavender, which also cam you down.


If you are worried about extreme mosquito populations on your property, it is best to opt for professional mosquito treatment from a mosquito control service. In the meantime, you can use some plants and essential oils to keep your family and yourself safe.