When Patient Diagnosed For More Than One Condition


It can happen. And has it not happened. Those who never come forward, or are not able to, not even allowed to, and that would be tragic, will never know what a difference dual diagnosis treatment in orlando, fl could make to their lives. On the one hand there could be this. Someone has just been diagnosed with acute or clinical depression. It may not have been sound to attempt to diagnose the condition away by simply prescribing anti-depressants.

dual diagnosis treatment in orlando, fl

The use of anti-depressants, in layman’s terms, could be regarded as merely a sweet quick-fix remedy. Yes, sometimes it does bring instant relief. But other times; not. This has little to do with the drug’s ineffectiveness but more to do with the patient’s chemical composition. It could also be a classic case of what works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another.

The best way to deal with any form of depression, really, requires a long-term approach. Now, this may well come as a shock to readers who may well feel as though they are suffering from depression. There is no known or actual cure for depression. What really matters now is finding a practical way to deal with the depression, to live with it really. But what makes the dual diagnosis treatment so successful really is this.

The clinical psychologist or clinical psychiatrist still has to get to the bottom of it. He or she has to find out what the root causes of that man or woman’s acute or clinical depression is. In the case of gender dysphoria, not only does the clinical psychologist confirm the patient’s condition but he or she also needs to investigate the surrounding conditions that may have been keeping the patient back from living the life he was supposed to.